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Seven surprising health benefits of beer

 Beer is a beverage  created from water, hops, barley, and yeast.

This fat-free and  cholesterol-free beverage contains a great number of nutrients including soluble fiber, magnesium, selenium, potassium, phosphorus, biotin, chromium  and B vitamins like vitamin b6 vitamin b12 and folic acid

Several research studies have shown that beer is good for overall health and helps ward off diseases. Here are some surprising health benefits of beer

  1. Lowers Heart disease risk

According to the research, beer can decrease the risk of heart diseases by approximately 20% to 40%.
Beer reduces heart disease risk solely because of the soluble fiber present in the beer that helps lower LDL or Bad cholesterol present in the blood.
Limited beer regularly increases the level of HDL or good cholesterol, which in turn reduces the chances of arteries hardening and flood thickening the two leading causes of heart attacks.
Also, there are polyphenols in beer, which are heart-healthy antioxidants.

2. Reduces kidney stones

Beer also reduces the risk of developing kidney stones.
A study found that beer taken in moderation daily can reduce the risk of developing kidney stones for 40%
The high water content about 90 percent present in beer helps the kidneys working correctly and flush harmful toxins out of the body.
The diuretic effect of drinking beer will not let your body gets dehydrated, which is one of the leading causes of kidney stones.

3.Boost brain health

Research study has shown that beer reduces the risk of developing memory problems later in life by 23%.
Moderate intake of beer decreases the incidence of Alzheimer's.
Beer activates the generation of new brain cells.
Drinking beer also allows the brain to enter a more flexible state of attention, thereby improving memory, concentration and reasoning power.

4.Guard against strokes

Researches have shown that drinking beer in a moderate amount cuts the risk of strokes in beer drinkers as compared to non-drinkers.  
A moderate amount of beer daily prevents blood clots that keep the blood flow in body parts like neck, heart, and brain and prevent strokes.
So when you drink beer, the blood starts to flow easily and significantly because the arteries get flexible by time.

5.Makes the bones strong

Beer has a high amount of silicon(a healthy compound) that connects with better bone health.
Silicon has properties that assist in increasing bone mineral density and results in increasing bone strength. Studies have shown that old people who are moderate beer drinkers have a
higher bone density relative to non-drinkers.

6.Prevent Prostate Cancer

Drinking beer daily also prevents prostate cancer. Beer has properties of anti-cancer as well.
Beer contains a powerful antioxidant, namely "xanthohumol" which is the main reason beer helps to prevent prostate cancer.
Beer prevents prostate cancer in men and the chances of breast cancer in women as well.

7.Reduces the risk of diabetes

Moderate beer consumption increases insulin sensitivity which prevents or lowers the risk of diseases like diabetes.
In a survey, it is shown that middle-aged men who drink moderately have a lower chance of developing type-2 diabetes by 25%.

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