Benefits of Vitamin D

Benefits of Vitamin D

There is a list of vitamins required by our body for proper functioning, and one of them is Vitamin D. Vitamin-D is the fat-soluble element responsible for increased absorption of calcium, phosphate, and magnesium in our body.

Sources of Vitamin D

2.Fatty fish like tuna and salmon
4.Egg yolks
5.Dairy products
6.Soy milk and cereals
7.Orange juice


The standard recommendation of Vitamin D is 600-800 IU a day.
Caution: Vitamin D supplements should be taken after the guidance of the doctor. Overdose of Vitamin D can be harmful as Vitamin D doesn't assist in heart health. Get your Vitamin D levels to check in your body before taking any supplements.

Benefits of Vitamin D

1.Bone health

Vitamin D is good for our bones. Some people had a minor fall, and it leads to bone fracture. It happens when people have a low amount of calcium in their bodies. Vitamin D makes your bones absorb calcium and makes them durable and robust.

2.Teeth strong

Having Vitamin D in an adequate amount will impress your dentist because Vitamin D also helps in making our teeth strong and healthy.

3.Keeps brain healthy

As we grow old, so it makes our mind too, but taking enough amount of Vitamin D makes our brain young and smart.

4.Mathematical Ability

Vitamin D assists our brain in doing complex mathematical calculations.

5.Prevents Sickness

As bacteria enter in our body to make us sick, Vitamin D aids the immune system in keeping the bacteria away and prevent it from making us sick.

6.Functioning of Heart

The heart is an organ that keeps us alive, and not having enough amount of Vitamin D in our body makes arteries present in our heart shrink, which leads to improper blood circulation in our body. Vitamin D is necessary for proper blood circulation in our body.

7.Control blood sugar levels

Pancreas in our body releases insulin in our body, which keeps the blood sugar level in control. Vitamin D continues to check on the functioning of the pancreas and maintain blood sugar levels.

8.Lung health

Our lungs help us to breathe, and Vitamin D helps our lungs to function properly.

So overall, Vitamin D keeps us healthy, and daily consumption of vitamin D keeps the doctor away.

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