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healthy lifestyle tips - live longer

We all want to live for 100 years or more, but with changing lifestyles and eating habits, at least one member of each household is suffering from high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and many more. Getting a longer life with our current lifestyle is not possible, but if we apply tips for a healthy lifestyle, it can be possible.
Everyone wants to live a long and healthy life, but for long life, physical, mental, and emotional wellness is essential. The balance of these three elements is crucial for a healthy lifestyle

Tips for a healthy lifestyle are:-

1.Positive thinking 

As I told you to balance physical, mental, and emotional wellness is essential, so positive thinking makes you mentally and emotionally stable. Researches have shown thinking of something, and doing it has almost the same effect on your mindset. If you have negative thoughts, it will harm you, and if you have positive thoughts, it will have a positive impact on you.
Don't let short term problems have a long term adverse effect on you or your health. Have a positive attitude towards life.

2. Add sunlight to your routine

Sun provides Vitamin D to our body. Vitamin D has many essential benefits to our health. Try to take sunlight in the early morning because, in the daytime, the UV rays are active and can have an adverse effect like skin problems.

3. Right Diet

If you want to have a healthy life, then you should fix your diet and eating habits. You should avoid eating food that is fried or oily and processed foods.
Add foods rich in protein, fiber, calcium, fruits, and green leafy vegetables.

4.Drink enough water

Drinking enough amount of water is essential for a healthy lifestyle. The daily dosage can be different for different people. The standard recommendation is 8 ounces glasses of water, which is about two liters.

5.Physical exercise

Physical activity daily can help you achieve your goal of living longer. Try to go on a morning walk daily after you wake up.
Any physical activity, running, walking, swimming, yoga, and pranayama or weight training for at least 30 minutes, is crucial. It makes your body healthy, improves your immune system, and increases blood flow in your body.

6. Make a timetable

It is necessary to decide what to do in advance. Make a timetable for your daily routine. Planned activities done will make your lifestyle healthy.

7.Have a good sleep

It is necessary to have a sleep of seven to nine hours for a healthy lifestyle.

8. Stress

Everyone is so stressed now because of their work, lifestyle, surroundings that it leads to a shorter lifespan and takes away their happiness. It would help you if you not stress your problems and try to find a solution for them; you will live longer.

9.Bad habits

If you smoke or drink alcohol, it is very harmful to your life and leads to death at an early age. Even the packaging have warnings on them regarding its consequences. So it would be best if you avoid these habits for a healthy lifestyle.

Extra tip: Try to fast once in a week that will help your body detoxify.

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