How much Sugar per day?

sugar consumption - how much sugar per day

We all consume sugar in our daily life.
 Sugar has become an essential part of our lives. We mix it in tea, coffee, and even in desserts. But not everyone is familiar with the amount of sugar they need to consume. Sugar measured in terms of a teaspoon, and if you exceed the limit to consume sugar, it would be harmful to your health.
So, friends, this post is all about how much sugar per day is enough?

Sugar is of two types:-
1.Natural sugar 
2.Processed Sugar 

Natural sugar is the sugar present in fruits like orange, sweet potato, banana, etc. There is no harm in taking excess of natural sugar.

Processed sugar is the sugar you bought from the market, have in your homes, the white sugar. You should try to eliminate it from your diet and, if not remove, try to reduce the usage because it's not good for health.

Sugar is said to be the worst component present in our diet because it has
zero nutrients 
and high calories.
If you stop taking processed sugar, it won't have any adverse effects on your body. 

Sugar content in 

  • One bowl of rice(280 kcal) = Two teaspoons of sugar
  • One Banana       (100 kcal) = One teaspoon of sugar
  • One slice of bread              = Three teaspoons of sugar
  • Two steam sweet potatoes=Two teaspoons of sugar
  • (300 kcal)
  • One orange (90 kcal)          =Two teaspoons of sugar

So everyone consumes enough amount of sugar naturally, and they also consume added sugar, which is harmful to health.

Taking excess of sugar can have health hazards like:-

1.Tooth decay

Sugar is evil for our teeth, and they decay our teeth if made in an increased quantity.

2.Fatty liver disease

Researchers have seen excess consumption of sugar leads to fatty liver disease in which fat accumulates in our liver and damage your liver.


Excess consumption of sugar will make your body insulin resistant, which at last leads to diabetes.


Eating more processed sugar will make your body obese, and increased weight or fat person is a parasite for many diseases.

5.Heart disease

Eating sugar in excess will raise your cholesterol and also leads to heart diseases. Sugar increases triglycerides, dense LDL, and oxidized LDL, which is the main reason for heart diseases.

And the list goes on 

Now, how much sugar should be taken in a day?

It is suggested to take this much amount of sugar in a day

Male      - 9 Teaspoons (approx 37.5 grams)

Female -  6 Teaspoons(approx 25 grams)

The intake of this much amount is okay.
Extra tip: When you buy packaged foods, check the sugar content in them to avoid excess sugar.

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