How much Water should I drink every day?

water consumption - how much water should i drink every day

We all think that we can drink water anytime and howsoever in any amount.
Water seems to be a simple element, but this simple element is responsible for the proper functioning of our whole body.
Whether it is stomach or our skin, water plays a crucial role.
It helps in removing toxins found in our bodies.

So the amount of water you drink, the time to drink, and the way of drinking it are essential.
A person should be aware of these; otherwise, it doesn't matter how nutritious your diet is; it will go in vain.

If water consumed inappropriately, then it could lead to many health problems in the future like:-

5.Skin allergy
6.Frequent cold
7.Oily or dry skin
9.Improper digestion
10.Difficulty in gaining or losing weight

So in the post, the topics covered are:-

- why drinking water essential?
- how much water to drink in a day?
- determining the shortage of water in the body
- how much water to drink at a time
- when you should drink water and when you should not
- how water can help in gaining or losing weight

Why drinking water essential?

The human body is a build-up of 60 to 70 percent of water.
Water is key for the proper functioning of the kidney, liver, lungs, digestive system, and whole body.
Water keeps the cells alive in our bodies.
A person can survive without food for a couple of weeks, but without water, a person can survive only for a week.

Factors determining that you have a shortage of water

1. Urine color turns yellow
2. Weaken digestive system
3.  Skin becomes dry and lifeless

How much water to drink?

With our daily activities like breathing, urinating, and sweating, almost 2 liters of water gets out of our body. 
So it is necessary to restore that water.
How much water a person should drink depends on his or her health, environment, weight, and physical activities.

For an average, a person should drink at least 2.5 to 3 liters(8 to 12 glasses) of water.
In summers the consumption can be increased.

Is drinking more water harmful?

Excess of anything is harmful, and drinking more water increases the work of your kidney, and there are chances of decreasing sodium level in blood.
It happens when you drink more than 4 to 5 liters of water

How to drink water?

- It would be best if you always sat while drinking water.
- Do not drink water in a hurry.
- Drink only 1 or 1.5 glass at a time.
- Drink one glass of water when you wake up before eating anything. It cleanses almost all the toxins formed in the body.

When should we drink water?

- You should drink water either 1 hour before or after the meal.
- Do not drink water with the meal as it slows down your digestion process.
- Do not drink water prior to bed.
- Do not drink water while exercising or just after finishing your workout. One or two sips is no harm but not more than that.

Drinking water in the morning is beneficial for health, but drinking water at night is harmful. At night, your body is in rest, and the body does not use waterSo try to fill the limit of water in the daytime.

-Do not drink water with or just after eating fruits like cucumber or tomato.

-Do not drink water with hot liquid meals like hot coffee or soups etc.

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