How to take care of eyes

eye care - how to take care of eyes

Eyes are delicate and sensitive part of the body, and you should take care of them because you would not get them again.
You know how challenging to walk in the dark is and now think making your whole life dark.
We are discussing tips that will be beneficial for your eyes and won't cost you a penny as these are not treatments or medicines. 
You need to follow these tips in your daily life to get great results.

Tips for eye care are:-

1.Vitamin A 

Vitamin A-rich foods are very beneficial and aid the health of your eyes.
Foods like carrots, papaya, mangoes, avocado, fish, eggs and cheese, and many more all these are good sources of vitamin A.

2.Wash eyes with water

If you have red eyes or itchiness, it is recommended to wash your eyes with cold water a couple of times. 


Rosewater is also beneficial for your eyes. Take a cotton bud and dip it into rosewater and put on your eyes.
You can also put rosewater or eye drops in your eyes. Please do it regularly.


Massage the area under your eyes with a few drops of almond oil once in a week. It will assist in the health of the eyes.

5.Eye protection

Protecting your eyes from harmful elements like dust, pollution, and sunlight is as important as taking care of them. So prefer to carry a pair of glasses or shades or wear a hat that protects your eyes from harmful UV rays.

6.Eye Makeup

If you are a consistent makeup user, so prefer a high-quality product as low or downgraded products can be detrimental to your eyes.

7.Laptops and Smartphones

If you have to work on a laptop for hours, so try to take short breaks in between this will give your eyes rest and aid them.
IF you use smartphones all day, you need to stop it and try to avoid using it in the dark as the brightness of your phones will damage your eyes. So either won't use your smartphones in the dark or use some lamp or another light source like a bulb or tube lights.

8.Use your hands

If you have pain in your eyes, rub your palms, and when they are warmed up, put them on your eyes closed. It will reduce pain and gives relief to your eyes.

So these are the tips, and if you have any suggestions, you can comment.

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