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foods good for digestion

If you have upset digestion and don't have a clue about what to do now, then this article is for you, my friends.
Digestion is the process where food breaks down, and significant components extracted.
The digestion process takes place in the mouth(oral cavity), stomach, and small intestine.
There are some digestive enzymes in our body that break down the food, whether it is solid or liquid to crucial components name as Lipases(extract fatty acid from oils and fats)
Proteases(break down protein in amino acids and small peptides)and,
Amylases(breaks carbohydrates and sugar into glucose)

If any of these enzymes lack in or they don't produce properly in the body, then the person would suffer from the digestive disorder, for example, Lactose intolerant.

Foods that provide these digestive enzymes naturally that will aid your digestion are:


In pineapple, bromelain(proteases) found, which helps to break down protein into amino acids. Bromelain is known for eating proteins. You can also get this enzyme in the form of supplements too, but pineapple would be a better choice as it is natural and doesn't have any side effects.


Papaya is a source for enzyme "papain" which is also a form of proteases, and it also aids in digestion by breaking down protein into small peptides and have some more benefits like relieving in heartburn and ingestion.


Everyone loves mango, so I am giving another reason to eat some more. Mango provides enzyme amylase, which converts carbohydrates and sugar into glucose and simple sugar. Mango aids the digestive system.


Honey has many enzymes present in it, but the main three enzymes are diastase, amylase, and protease. You are familiar now with the function of these enzymes and there need for healthy digestion.


The honey should be taken in raw form because processed honey may not have these enzymes present in it.


Banana has amylase present in it, which breaks down sugar into simple sugar and glucose.

So these are some foods that have the right amount of digestive enzymes present in it, which aids your digestion and prevent your body from digestive disorders.
If you know more foods that have digestive enzymes, then the comment box is open for you, do comment, and give suggestions.

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