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pink lips - how to get pink lips

The skin of lips is thin and most delicate, and as they don't have sweat glands, they need to be moisturized by ourselves, and if we don't care for our lips, they get dry and dark.
The treatment to get pink lips has to be done from outside as well as inside.
So in this post, the main concern is how to get pink lips by natural remedies. 

What to avoid

1. Try to avoid sunlight as it is one of the reasons that your pink lips get dark.
2. Try to avoid the usage of chemical products or cosmetics regularly on your lips.
3. Put an end to your bad habits like smoking, drinking if you want pink lips.
4. Try to limit your fast food consumption.

Home remedies for pink lips


1.Lemon juice


As we all know that lemon juice is good for hair and even more significant for skin.
It is also beneficial for making your lips beautiful and pink.

1. Apply a few drops of lemon juice on your lips.
2. Stretch your lips and massage your lips with lemon juice properly. 
3. After some applications, you will notice that the darkness of your lips is removing, and they are getting soft too.
4. Try to repeat this remedy daily to get pink lips.

2.Natural red items

Things like tomatoes, strawberries, rose, and beetroot is all useful to get gorgeous pink lips.
Beetroot is the most effective of all of the above.


1. Take a beetroot and cut it into slices.
2. Now extract the juice of beetroot from slices and mix it with cream and honey.
3. Keep the mix in the fridge for at most ten minutes, and now you can apply it. 
4. Apply it regularly on your lips to get pink and beautiful lips.

3.Mint and Coriander

As red items provide redness to your lips, green things like mint and coriander are useful to remove the darkness from the lips


1. Blend mint and coriander and make a paste of it 
2. Add a spoon of coconut oil and half spoon of petroleum jelly to the paste.
3. Mix them well and apply the mixture at night. As coconut oil is mixed, it is suitable for making your lips soft and moisturizes them.
4. Regular application will make your lips pink in no time.

4.Exfoliate your lips

If you want to make the above remedies more productive, you need to exfoliate the lips first.
Exfoliating your lips removes the dead skin and makes blood circulation effective in your lips


1. First, you need lemon juice, olive oil, coffee powder, and at last sugar.
2. Make a powder of sugar
3 Take one spoon of sugar powder, one spoon of lemon juice, one spoon of olive oil and one spoon of coffee powder and mix them well.
4 Scrub your lips with this mixture for up to 10 to 15 minutes.
5 Remember to put lip balm after this remedy.

You can also put a small amount of butter(ghee) and black salt on your navel to get pink lips.

All the above remedies are natural and useful to get pink lips, and if you know, more you can comment on them in the comment box.

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