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puke-how to stop vomiting

Vomiting is frequent when you travel to a hill station or with climate change. Vomit can happen due to many reasons like ingestion, food poisoning, or any fungal or bacterial disease.
Let us see some home remedies that can give relief in vomiting.

The list begins with:-

1.Lemon Juice

On vomit, you can take lemon juice mixed in water. It will stop vomiting and will give relief.

2.Cloves or Cardamom

You can take two or three pieces of clove or cardamom and put it in your mouth. Now try not to swallow and suck it for a while.
They have some anti-vomit properties in them, so they help to stop vomiting

3.Basil leaves and honey

Make a juice of Basil leaves and take it with honey.
One teaspoon of basil leaves juice mixed with honey is recommended. It will be beneficial in vomiting.

4.Onion juice

Take one onion and make juice of it.
Take one teaspoon of onion juice in vomiting, and it will soothe the problem.

5.Ice cubes

If you are puking in summers. Put some ice cubes in your mouth and suck them. It may sound weird to you, but it is helpful because of the reason behind vomiting can be heat or temperature.

6.Peppermint juice

Peppermint juice can also be health-friendly in case of vomiting.
Taking peppermint juice can also stop vomiting.

 7.Coriander leaves and pomegranate juice

Taking coriander leaves and pomegranate juice in intervals of some time can also stop vomiting.

8.Lemon with black salt

Put a piece of lemon in your mouth with some black salt, and it will help in stopping vomiting.


Take a half teaspoon of powdery cumin with water, and it will provide relief in vomiting.

10.Apple cider vinegar

Mix one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in water, and it will also stop vomiting.

If by chance these home remedies won't work for you then you can take these medicines:-
Read there side effects or warnings before taking them or consult your family doctor.

So these are the remedies that can aid you in vomiting.
 If you are suffering or your friend or any relative, please share this article and help them.

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