How to get rid of hiccups

how to get rid of hiccups

Hiccups can happen anytime to anyone. Hiccups are non-voluntarily action done by our bodies when we gulp something or drink too much. 

Hiccups are harmless are merely a sign of health disease. It lasts for only a couple of minutes, but if it carries on for more than two days, you should pay a visit to your doctor, it may be chronic.

Hiccups happen because eating or drinking quickly or in a vast amount, makes our stomach bulge, which irritates our diaphragm and leads to non-voluntarily contraction of the diaphragm. 

Reasons for hiccups

1.A sudden change of weather
2. Eating something cold after a hot meal
7.Chewing gum
8. Eating too much
9. Drinking too fast
10. Eating something spicy or hot

Remedies to get rid of hiccups

1. Hold your breath

Take a deep breath and then hold your breath for a couple of seconds. It is said to be an effective way to get rid of hiccups.
Do this remedy a couple of times.


Sugar can also stop hiccups. Take some water and mix a teaspoon of sugar and a bit of salt. Now drink this mixture slowly.

3.Lemon and Honey

-Take 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and add it to 1 teaspoon of honey.
- Take it, and after some time, you will notice that hiccups are gone.

4.Chocolate powder

If you are irritated from hiccups, then take one teaspoon of chocolate powder, and it will stop hiccups.


Mix some salt in one glass of water and have it slowly. It will also help you in getting relief from hiccups.

6.Reverse counting

It may sound childish, but sometimes reverse counting from 100 to 1 can also stop hiccups.


Take one paper bag and now put your mouth in it and breathe. Breathing in a paper bag will increase the amount of carbon dioxide, and it will help in getting relief from hiccups.

8.Peanut butter

One spoon of peanut butter can also help you in getting relief from hiccups.

9.Ice bag

Putting an ice bag on your neck can also stop hiccups.

10.Ice water

Drinking chilled or ice water can also stop hiccups in some time.

So these are tips that can stop hiccups, and if you or anyone you know suffering from hiccups, you can suggest them these.

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